About the Contest

Why “Power Smart” ?

Hong Kong is a modern, dynamic and world-class city with leading positions in numerous aspects. We take pride in our achievements earning us worldwide acclaims. Unfortunately, our energy consumption level is also among the top in the world.

In terms of land area, Hong Kong is a small place ranking 183 out of 200 cities. However, our total electricity consumption reached 42.5 billion kWh in 2013 and we ranked 50 in the world. If we further look at our electricity consumption per capita, which is currently 3,000 kWh per year, Hong Kong’s ranking is even higher.

Currently, Hong Kong's annual carbon dioxide emission exceeds 21 million tonnes, of which electricity generation accounted for 62% of this total. Hong Kong is a high consumption city, we have many opportunities to reduce our energy demand by adapting to a more responsible lifestyle. Friends of the Earth (HK) believes that energy conservation is the most effective solution to combat climate change and to create a greener living environment for our future generations.

Power Smart Energy Saving Contest, organized by Friends of the Earth (HK), has accumulatively saved close to 260 million kWh of electricity in Hong Kong since its launch in 2006 (refer to table) with the concerted efforts of more than 20,000 participants. We call for you to take action now and participate in this meaningful contest.

Through the Power Smart Energy Saving Contest, we aim to:

Educate the public at large to have a better understanding on air pollution, climate change and our responsibility in lowering the carbon footprint in our daily life.
Encourage both the private sector and individual to establish green habits to reduce energy wastage.
Achieve a record of 200 millions kWh reduction in electricity consumption in 2016/2017 and preventing 140,000 tonnes of CO2 emission.

Power Smart results from previous years
Electricity Reduction
CO2 Emission Reduction

Contest Rules and Guidelines


The Power Smart Energy Saving Contest offers five categories for participation: School, Organisation, Property Management, Hotels and Restaurants.

This category includes univer-sities, schools and dormitories of all forms and sizes. For example, a university can decide to register either the whole campus or indivi-dual academic buildings/ dormi-tory floors can register sepa-rately.
This category includes organi-zations and companies of all businesses and sizes. Organi-zation that has branch offices in different locations is free to join as one single grouped participant, or register separately as individual participants. This category also includes government organi-zations, hospitals, and retail shops.
This category includes property management companies of all forms and sizes. Property mana-gement company is free to group their managed estates, shopping malls, car parks or managed public areas as one single grouped participant; or register separately as individual parti-cipants. Besides, company who has subsidiaries or branch offices are free to join as a single group or as individual participants .

This category includes hotels of all forms and size, Hotel chains are free to group their managed hotels as one single grouped participant, or register separately as individual participants This category includes restaurants of all forms and size, Restaurants chains are free to group their managed restaurant as one single groped participant, or register separately as individual participants


Participation in the contest is free. Participants who achieve an overall reduction of at least 5 % in electricity consumption during the contest period, as compared to the same period with the past year, are eligible to compete for the prizes and awards.


Participation Process

  1. Participation is made through online registration at www.foe.org.hk/ps. Upon completion of the registration process, the system will send you an email with your Power Smart account login name and password.

  2. Participants should log on the Power Smart on-line platform and key in your past electricity bill data for June 2015 - May 2016. In case your past record is not readily available, please visit the web sites of the respective utility companies; or call CLP at 2678 – 2678 / Hongkong Electric Customer Service at 2887-3411 for a copy.

  3. Please input your monthly electricity consumption data as soon as the electricity bills arrive. The on-line platform will display your consumption trend and your energy saving performance.

  4. The entry deadline is set to be at 5pm, on 15th July 2017.

  5. The system will send email alert to remind participants to input their electricity usage data. The web site will also provide energy saving smart tips and advices for your reference.

Important Notes

  1. Correct Email Address
    Please designate a contact person and ensure the correct email address is provided. This is the organizer’s primary contact point for any subsequent communications with participants.
  2. Only 1 set of login account name and password will be generated for those who have grouped several branches or managed facilities as a single participant. Please pass the login information to those who may need to access the system for data entry.
  3. Identical Address
    The address shown on the 2014 and 2015 electricity bills must be identical to be eligible to compete for awards or prizes.
  4. Bill Checking
    To ensure the Contest is open and fair, the Organizer shall randomly request the participants to provide copies of their electricity bill for verification and will conduct site visits to all winning candidates. In case of any false information found, the Organizer will immediately terminate the participant’s enrolment. The participant will no longer be eligible for any awards or prizes.
  5. The Organizer’s Right
    The participants shall thoroughly understand and agree to the rules of the contest prior to registration. The Organizer has the right to accept, reject or terminate any enrolment, and reserves the right to explain and amend the contest rules as necessary.
  6. Personal Data Privacy
    The information provided by the participants will be strictly used for the purpose of the Power Smart Energy Saving Contest only.
  7. If in case the participants have limited access to the on-line systems, please contact the Organizer at 2528-5588 for assistance.


Important Dates

Kick-off Ceremony / Location 2:00 pm, 6th June 2016 (Monday)
25/F, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building., 21 Pak Fu Road, North Point. (next to Quarry Bay MTR Exit C)
Online Registration |
Contest Period |
Data Entry Cut- Off Date
Online Registration:
Starts from 1st June 2016

Contest Period:
1st June 2016 to 31st May 2017
Data Entry Cut- Off Date:
15th July 2017 by 5pm
Contest Results Announcement will be made by end August 2017
Award Ceremony